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Cooperative Contract Purchasing is changing the way schools update their classrooms. NJPA (National Joint Powers Alliance) is one incredible option. Using the power of cooperative purchasing, you’ll get lower pricing, a quicker turnaround time, and avoid the hassle of going to bid. Member organizations like Wiser Contract Furnishings allow you to purchase furniture at high volume pricing, no matter how big your project might be. This is a no-cost, no obligation and no purchase necessary opportunity to find the right pieces at a lower price.

NJPA has the power to weed through bids so that you don’t have to. Finding the right vendor nationally allows you to get the combination of price, quality, and credibility. Additionally, you NJPA vendor will be able to source most products locally, as well as recruit removal and installation crews near your project, which supports your local economy.

We’re able to use NJPA for more than just low prices. They’re national-level contracts help them undertake research in the educational field to find great partners to work with and research how costs and projections fluctuate over time.

Your NJPA vendor, like Wiser Contract Furnishings, is going to cover the following checklist so you know you’re in the best hands as you undertake your project.

  • Conforming to RFP’s intent, scope and specifications
  • Competitive pricing strategies
  • Ability to sell and service NJPA Members nationally
  • Financial strength, experience and success in the industry/marketplace
  • References from past customers and prior experience with NJPA
  • A clear, concise, aggressive and effective marketing plan
  • Value added related products, services and technological advances
  • Financing options and detailed payment terms
  • Warranty, product and service responsibility
  • Identifying the depth, breadth and quality of products and service offerings

We’ll work with you to submit your NJPA application, keep you up to date on the process, and work with you to create an effective system of communication with everyone involved in your project. We understand that, as the purchasing agent, you’re responsible for keeping your school or office up and running during the removal and installation of new furnishings. Plus, we’ll work with you to identify the needs of your work environment so that we can design the right space and use the right pieces, materials, and colors to make your project perfect.

Once the cooperative purchasing process is going, NJPA will maintain all of your records, receipts and pertinent documents so that everything is secure and available in the future.

At Wiser Contract Furnishings, we’ve learned to be effective and efficient cooperative purchasing vendors, and we’re here to help you through the application process.

Still not sure how it works? Give us a call and we would love to show you how even the biggest projects are made easier with the use of programs like NJPA.